Wedding Hashtags 101

FREE Wedding Hashtag GeneratorIn the old days circa 2005 hashtags were found on phone and called pound signs.  A joke flowing through social media is before Twitter a hashtag was used for playing Tic-Tac-Toe.  Nowadays the hashtag is a powerful social media tool used to organize communication by title.  This is especially helpful for major life events where there are multiple people taking pictures or commenting on a single event such as a wedding.

Where to Use Wedding Hashtags
Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook is where the hashtag is most often used.  Using the hashtag followed by a word or group of words creates a searchable link.  Clicking on the link takes you directly to all discussions and photos related to that topic.  This is quite popular for weddings.  A hashtag such as #MeetTheSmiths will automatically take anyone interested in this wedding to that thread.

As you are choosing the perfect hashtag you should check to see if it is available on the social media platforms by doing a quick search on each of them before you announce or start using it.

Hashtag Guidelines
There are a few basic rules to using hashtags.  The tag is followed by words — spaces and symbols or punctuation cannot be used.  You can filter hashtags and follow a hashtag on Twitter.  Using a hashtag for your wedding can start with the moment a date is chosen.  You can use this as a manner of communication, print it on anything from invitations to signs and help keep the history of your big event in one place.

Using capitalization is an important key to using a wedding hashtag.  We are trained for spaces when reading therefore the hashtag system can be confusing when all small letters are used.  The capitalization of words makes it easier for people to read.

Along with capitalization, you can also use colors to help separate the words in your wedding hashtag.

Free Wedding Hashtag Generator
When it comes to generating a wedding hashtag you can be as creative as you would like to be.  Fortunately this is becoming a standard part of wedding planning and people or apps are available to help generate memorable wedding hashtags.  A wonderful free wedding hashtag generator can be found at  This wedding hashtag generator will provide you with over 100 personalized hashtags using you and your fiances name, initials, wedding date. Then comes the fun part – to choose the perfect wedding hashtag for your special event.

When to Choose a Wedding Hashtag
Social media has made sharing special events like your wedding much easier.  Wedding planners have embraced this technology to help organize and keep communications flowing.  The hashtag is one of the first things that go into play when planning a wedding.  It acts as an informal announcement as well as a gathering point for information.

Remember a wedding hashtag is one that will be used from the starting when you announce your engagement to months after your Big Day. Using a free wedding hashtag generator like this one will help you get the perfect hashtag to start your event off on the right foot.

What is your Wedding Hashtag?
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